All patients are welcome to participate in trials at the Center for Clinical Studies Borstel. If you wish to inform your patients about clinical research options, please contact us any time. We are happy to inform you about all available options and projects that are suitable for your patients. Details about all studies where your patients were enrolled can be found in the member’s area of this website.

We are striving for close co-operations between physicians in private practice and the Research Center Borstel – not only for the clinical management of your patients but also with a scientific focus. Your link to Borstel as a Scientific Partner may open new perspectives and options for you, your practice and your patients.

We would like to assure you, that we aim to maintain the link of study participants and your practice.


The Network for Clinical Studies involves respiratory physicians in private practice with an interest in clinical research. The administrative hub of the network is based at the Center for Clinical Studies of the Research Center Borstel.

Please watch this space – we are still in an early phase of the network development.