Human Resources

Valid and reliable clinical research can only be achieved in a team that is fully dedicated to clinical studies. All employees work on clinical trials only without interfering commitments in patient care, administrative task, etc.

Our unit is lead by a consultant physician for internal medicine and respiratory diseases

Patients and study participants are recruited, enrolled and assessed by a consultant physician

Daily and operational logistics are handled by certified study nurses (AGAH)

Additional staff can be involved as required for each study (technicians, nurses, data managers, statisticians, radiologists, etc.)



The Center for Clinical Studies is located within the Hospital (Medical Clinic) of the Research Center Borstel. It is in close proximity to all inpatients wards (including intensive care and isolation unit) and the outpatient department (MVZ). Our facilities include the following venues.

Monitoring beds on the Intensive Care Unit and the Intermediate Care Unit of the Hospital within the same building

Separate room for patients counselling, history taking and physical examinations

Three office rooms and a separate room for monitoring visits

Clinical and scientific laboratory for immediate sample processing

Biosafety laboratory grade BS3

Separate assessment room at the infectious diseases unit for the evaluation of technical and diagnostic devices

Conference room including equipment


Technical Equiment

A broad spectrum of non-invasive and invasive diagnostic techniques is available within the same building. Through biomedical laboratories of several research groups on the campus we have access to a broad variety of molecular lifescience techniques that can be used for clinical studies.

Routine medical diagnostics (X-ray, computer tomography, ultrasound, ECG, clinical laboratory, lung function testing, exercise spirometry, histopathology, etc.)

Molecular experimental techniques (FACS, Elispot, Western Blot, ELISA, cell culture, RNA analysis, PCR, etc.)

Temperature controlled storage of investigational products and samples

Refrigerators (4-8°C) and Freezers (-20°C and -80°C)