Christian Herzmann, (PD Dr. med., MRCP UK) Consultant Respiratory Physician at the Medical Clinical of the Research Center Borstel. He is heading the Center for Clinical Studies since May 2012. Among others, he conducted clinical research at the Royal Free Hospital London and at EPIMED GmbH Berlin where he was involved in investigator intiated trial and sponsor initiated trials phase I – IV.

Jan Heyckendorf, (PD Dr. med.) Consultant Respiratory Physician and Deputee Medical Director at the Medical Clinic of the Research Center Borstel. He is heading the Center for Clinical Studies since 2020. He is involved in several investigator-initiated trials and international cooperations in tuberculosis research projects.

Antonia Sassmann-Schweda (Dr. med.), Consultant Phyisican for Pharmacology and Toxicology. She joined the Center for Clinical Studies in 2020. She was awarded the Rudolf-Buchheim-Award 2010 by the German Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology.

Andrea Glaewe, Study Nurse (AGAH). After years of experience as an intensive care nurse, she joined the Center for Clinical Trials in 2006. Being the Senior Study Co-ordinator, she is responsible for communication with the Ethics Committee, cost evaluation and budget planning, and logistic operations of all ongoing projects.

Lenka Krabbe, Study Nurse (AGAH). She is co-ordinating the COPD-study COSYCONET. She is also responsible for the oncological studies conducted at our centre. Her current focus is the CAPNETZ study ABACOPD. Lenka originally trained and worked as a paediatric nurse.

Johanna Döhling, Study Nurse (AGAH). As a former nurse on cardiac surgery and intermediate care units, she became involved in clinical research in 2009. She is responsible for logistic operations of a Germany wide project on host resistance against tuberculosis (TB or not TB). In 2013, she took over the co-ordination of a phase Ib Asthma study.

Vanessa Schümann, Medical Documentation Officer since 2017. She serves as a clinical monitor for the study "Pursed Lip Breathing Ventilation in patients with severe COPD".

Gabi Huß, Chemical Technical Assistant joined our team in 2018. Among others, she is involved in trials that evaluate the diagnostic potential of breath analysis.